Mountain Man Traders Camp

facebook_Mt_man_Traders_campHello and welcome to the Lodge! Step back in time with us to the middle 1700’s to 1840 at the Mountain Man Traders Camp. Our traders have period correct clothing, displays, music, supplies, and even a working blacksmith! We are located outside on the East lawn in front of Wasatch High School. If you don’t know what something is or what it’s made of ….. or why it was made, just ask! The traders are very knowledgeable & are happy to share a bit of history with you. If it happens to be a chilly day, stop in by their trade spot & warm up by the fire. Traders will be open early and close late, so stop by and get to know them. It’s FREE. Contact information is listed below each trader for your future shopping needs.



Looking forward to Shinnin’ Times at Heber Valley Western Music & Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Until then, Watch yer topknot & keep yer powder dry! Spiritwoman (Susy Epperson), Booshway







Dennis Patten (Fire Starter Demonstrator)

Dennis Patten hasDennis had a love of history and the outdoors for as long as he can remember. His first exposure to muzzle loading firearms came at age 12 as a brand new boy scout. A neighbor came to an overnight campout and demonstrated his flintlock long rifle. Dennis was more than just interested, he was hooked! He built his first rifle in 1976. It was a 45 caliber Kentucky model CVA kit, which he bought at J C Penny’s for $54.00. He started competing at Rendezvous in the early 1980’s. In 2002, he was part of the “Mountain Man Village” at Soldier Hollow in the Utah Winter Olympics and Paralympics. At the Village, his demonstration specialty was bow drill fires. During that three-week period, he made “800 to 900 fire sets,” he “reckons,” and that is where he picked up his mountain man name “Squeaks.” He continues to do demonstrations with Bow Drill and Flint ‘N’ Steel for scout groups, school groups, family gatherings, or just for fun




Hyrum Hunter (Blacksmith/Bladesmith)

Hyrum_Hunter Hyrum
will have a working forge at the gathering for demonstration and also will make ironwork on the spot for you. He is fascinating to watch as he skillfully pounds the metal into useful and beautiful shapes,
from a set of hobbles to a “mouse” to put in your pocket! Hyrum makes quality Flint & Steel strikers that help you make a nice warm fire that you need when you are camping …. especially great for Scouting events. Hyrum is an active member of AMM (American Mountain Men). He does demonstrations for many large events, including Labor Day Weekend at Ft. Bridger, Wyo.Take a step back into history and see how blacksmithing was really done. Contact: P.O. Box 179, Aurora, Ut. 84620

Mecham Pottery
Mecham_Pottery Bud & MaLawna Mecham will travel from Montpelier, Idaho to particpate in the Mountain Man Trader Camp. They will be selling origional Traditiona
l Functional Stonewear. Bud throws an amazing amount of clay each year and owning a piece of Mecham’s Pottery is a must for every kitchen or camp 435-668-1721

Horatio Applebottom, Traveling Peddeler
Horatio_Applebottom Purveyor of 18th Century goods for Ye Colonial Man and Woman. Flintlocks, powder, ball, fabric, ye Lights and candles, finest clay pipes and tobacco, etc. At reasonable prices. Advice on Ye politics and taxes free.
Horatio’s alias is Kent Klein of Salt Lake City. He & Good Wife, Carol, were cast members in the Mt.Man Village for SLOC for the 2002
Winter Olympics. They have been participating in historical re-enactments of the 1700’s – 1840’s for over 20 years, in the Rocky Mountains and the East Coast. Kent has instructed numerous seminars and shared his knowledge and skills of that period of time for many people. He is a licensed trapper, does hide tanning and has 5 children who enjoy this great hobby with he and Carol.

Contact info : 1537 W. 4920 S. Taylorsville, Utah 84123

Bead Squirrel Trading

Bead_Squirrel_Trading Betsy & Reid have
been traders at the Mountain Man Rendezvous for many moons and are an icon at each event. If you have questions about the origin of beads and the age of the beads, just look Betsy up. Reid makes fine wooden items for sale in their trade spot, including comfortable chairs. Check out his LimberJack collection and see if you can make them dance. They sell toys and pottery. Contact info:

Sharp Knife’s Blanket
Sharp_Knife_Blanket Attending the Mountain Man Village will be Sharp Knife’s Blanket, which will feature both an educational display and items for sale. Kris’ historic tipi will be on display at this year’s Cowboy Poetry Gathering, and her trade blanket will feature a variety of items, including beadwork, fur hats, rawhide and leather work and more.

For more than 15 years, Sharp Knife Woman (Kris Swanson) has been creating authentic Plain Indian reproductions. The items Kris produces are used both in her own living history demonstrations and by clients as working items and artwork. Her work has been featured in films, paintings by western artists and galleries. Kris’ area of interest and expertise is Plains Indians 1830 to 1880 (classic Rendezvous and Indian Wars periods), particularly the Cheyenne. From the time she was a small child, Kris’ fascination with native cultures has led to a lifetime of learning. She holds a bachelor’s degree in History, has visited the archived collections of major museums, and has participated in many authentic living history events. Her goal has been to learn as much as possible about not only the material culture of the In
dians, but how they used the items they had.

Through her living history and material reproduction work, she strives to share the things she has learned through her studies and experiences. Her goal during educational programs is to assist in keeping the record straight regarding the lives of the Plains Indians, minimizing the many misconceptions, inaccuracies and stereotypes that exist today.
Visit her website or call 970-309-3353 for information.

Doug Stewart, Metal Sculptures
Doug_Stewart Doug Stewart is an accomplished metal art sculptor. He is a native of Heber City, but travels the world gaining ideas and materials for his work. He is a great addition to the atmosphere of the outside traders for Heber Valley Cowboy Poetry. Doug’s parents will join him again with their creative birdhouses in his trade spot. Please stop by and visit with Doug about his creations. He also designs unique clay sculptures that you will not want to miss seeing.

Eric Hash, the Flute Maker


Eric Hash is a multi-talented musician/craftsman. He transforms a simple piece of wood into a beautiful musical instrument. He has been building Native American Wooden flutes for over 21 years out of 107 different kinds of wood, including Sagebrush! For any further information about Eric’s flutes & healing music, you are most welcome to contact him at PO Box 581 Preston, ID 83263

Silver Bear


Hi, I’m SilverBear. Wagh Pilgrim, ya might say that I’m one of the traditional icons at many Rendezvous. I have a lot of plunder, including a variety of handmade leather bags, earrings, chockers, bracelets, and much more that would tickle any Mt. Man or Mr. Woman’s fancy or even the flatlanders. SilverBear has been doing re-enactments for many years and is one of the top cannoneers at Ft. Bridger Rendezvous and many of the competition he enters.







Mike Rudoff

Mike Rudoff

Mike Rudoff is local singer and songwriter from Green River, Wyoming, who is captivated by the rich history of Folk, Western, and Bluegrass music. With a repertoire that includes both many original as well as classic songs by a variety of artists, Mike enjoys taking his audiences back through America’s historic past through his music, capturing the essence of the American experience with songs of trials, pain, heartbreak and love. He can often be seen at Cowboy events and Mountain Man Rendezvous’ across the Intermountain West.


Alan Delimont


Welcome to the campfire!!! Pull up a chair and enjoy viewing these beautiful period correct beads.
Let’s share our love of, and knowledge about, BEADS !!!!!

Learn the history of beads, where they came from, and what they represent .

I have beimage001-2en doing rendezvous for over 20 years and love it!!! Rendezvous is my life. My family and I enjoy the events as we continue to discover the old ways and learn of our history.
I have a passion for beads and would love to share that knowledge with you.

Purchase a piece of history that your grandchildren will be proud to one day say, “this is from my family”Take care of each other.”




Melissa & Dallan




“Old Time Trading sells a variety of items from the 1800’s including wooden kid’s toys, leatherwork, primitive fire-starting kits, and old-fashion jewelry and novelties. We have been involved in historical reenactments for over 30 years, and participate in and sell at events across the U.S.”






Teaspoons Trading
aka JR and Sandy Stotts
Teaspoon TradingWe specialize in Native American art work (beadwork ,leather goods, chokers and breast plates, rawhide goods). Been attending Mtn, Man Rendezvous and Pow Wows for 19 years and all of our goods are hand made 100%







Don’t miss our additional vendors:

Rosemary Giles with delicious Navajo Tacos, call for more information at 435-654-0496

Steve Case master bowmaker. His bows are in high demand, when people see the beauty of his work & accuracy of his bows, they all want one! Steve is a great archer & runs archery programs and many Mt. Man Rendezvous & does programs & demo’s all over the West. He will be demonstrating at the Heber Valley Cowboy Poetry contact him at or 435-674-2530

Christopher Call carries many Celtic Accrutrenur

Eric Rubio a Flint Knapper 801-674-2530.




Charles Willis (alias THOR) has been buckskinning for many years. He is very proficient with many aspects of Historical Reenacting of the early 1800’s. He will be demonstrating Bow and Arrows this year for Cowboy Poetry School Day.
Thor is knowledgeable, fun and not only knows primitive skills, but uses them when on survival camps and long adventures. He is a member of the Coalition of Historical Trekkers (COHT) , served as Booshway for FMT’s Easter Rendezvous, served as Range Master and has run the Archery Competition at many events including Ft. Bridger, Wyo..






Black Dog Range Camps

Black dog Camps was named after my best friend in life “Mona “(my black lab) .

She’s been a great IMG_1079partner through thick and thin times. I wanted to do something in her honor and so we created Black Dog welding and fabrication. I completed a lot of weld jobs in my shop at home trying to create a bisness from the ground up while working a full time job during the day as a welder in the mining industry . Black dog camps came about after finding my love for restoring old sheep wagons so I done my research and built a new but vintage sheep camp that the everyday man and family could use and afford. I hope I can get fathers, sons or daughters and mothers to spend time in one of these making memories that last a life time. BDC was established in 2013 by me and my daughter” Grace “ and my niece “Katlyn”.

We can customize any camp to your liking or build partial and let you finish, project with family involvement .

Hope you enjoy!IMG_1081 sheep camp








DSCN0918Christopher has been a Mt. Man Trader for several years. You will enjoy his stories about Scotland and the heritage he carries. He and Toni sell many quality items from antique flasks, blankets, kilts and blanket pins to some of the finest shrub in the all the land !
Stop by their trade spot for some great shopping and a fun visit.
… Cheers