Saddle Strings


We’re just a bunch of regular country folks.  We evolved from an occasional backyard get-together, to what you hear at our performances today.  Along the journey we have met some wonderful and encouraging people that we will truly treasure for the rest of our lives.  We have officially been the Saddle Strings since late 1994.

Our heartfelt thanks to all, for having faith in us and for all of the wonderful encouragement that has kept Saddle Strings driving on.  Even though we are common folks, taking each day as they come, we are dedicated to doing what we can to preserve and promote the ways of the old west through our music and poetry.  We hope you enjoy listening to the Saddle Strings’ music as much as we enjoy making it.  “Heaven knows we never thought we would ever go into a studio and record an album, it just happened”, laughs Cindy, as she looks back on the history of how it all came together.