Trinity Seely

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My family and I live on the Handcart Ranch, which in Wyoming is better known as the Sun Ranch Headquarters or the Hub and Spoke. It is an amazing place, the granite walls of Rattlesnake Range and Devils Gate offer a beautiful view from my front window. The Ferris Mountains on the other side of the valley offer breathtaking sunsets and good grazing grounds in the summer. This is a beautiful valley, full of history and the lore of the west. My family consists of my husband, myself, and our three kids(11,6 and 2) and one on the way in June. Needless to say there is never a dull moment at home. Wyoming is not my native land, although the lifestyle and the isolation is not too far from what I grew up with. I grew up in the Chilcotin of British Columbia, Canada. A vast empire of cattle ranches, snowy peaks and jackpine forests. That is where I learned how to work hard and dream big. I have amazing parents, who taught us kids early how important family and teamwork is. My family owned and operated a Guest Ranch, my dad flew people out to remote lakes to fish while my sisters and I ran the dude string, milked the cows, cleaned cabins and rooms, prepared meals and entertained the guests at night with our family band. My dad played the base, my mom the guitar and the four of us sisters and younger brother sang. It was a great way to be raised and I am so grateful for the chance I had to live in the special place. When the work was done you could always find us girls on the backs of our horses.

When high school years came I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Thacher School in Ojai Ca. You talk about taking someone out of their environment! It was at Thacher that I became addicted to the smell of sage brush and cedar and the history of the vaquero. The familiar smell of horses was with me there as well. Thacher is also an equine school and I was able to spend some quality time with some of the best horsemen around. It was at Thacher that I found comfort in the two most important facets of my life at the time, horses and music.

Life since Thacher has been very full and would fill many pages to write about but has offered many learning experiences, my husband and I raised and trained performance horses in Utah for a number of years while growing our little family. We worked on the Deseret Feedlot in Elberta Utah for a couple years before moving to the Handcart Ranch in Wyoming.

Writing music has always been a big part of my life. There is so much of me that goes into the songs and so much of the life I love and want to share. 2011 has been a pretty monumental year for our family and my music. I released my first album in Dec, 2011. Produced by Brenn Hill and Ryan Tilby, two amazing musicians and people. This debut album shares the personal insights of the wife and lover of a cowboy. All songs are orignal and share a gratifying perspective of the cowboy way of life, through a cowgirl’s point of view.