BJ Smith

Bryan (BJ) Smith is an experienced horse trainer, riding coach, packer, guide, clinician, survival expert, and Canadian Ski Patrol instructor. He has taught equine wilderness topics at the university and college level. Following a full career in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, where he experienced years of service in the arctic, Bj supervised criminal investigations for the Government of Alberta, instructed for the Lethbridge College and sat as the President of the Lethbridge Therapeutic Riding Association. He routinely guides groups of wilderness travellers horseback through the Rockies, often on week long trips of a hundred miles or more.Past President of the Alberta Cowboy Poetry Association, recipient of the Academy of Western Artists Will Rogers Award and National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo Silver Buckle Division winner, his performances have been featured at Cowboy Poetry Gatherings and Festivals across western Canada, the USA and on Cruise Liners. BJ is the author of three books, a CD and is often featured on radio and television shows.