Poets - Heber Valley Cowboy Poetry


Waddie Mitchell

From his earliest days on the remote Nevada ranches where his father worked, Waddie was immersed in the cowboy way of entertaining, the art of spinnin’ tales in rhyme and meter that came to be called cowboy poetry, a Western tradition that is as rich as the lifestyle that gave birth to it. Within his stories, old in a voice that is timeless and familiar, 

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Andy Nelson

As a second-generation farrier, Andy Nelson has the experience and the talents and humor to bring authenticity and entertainment to an audience. Raised in Oakley, Idaho, Andy traveled the Great Basin of southern Idaho, northern Utah and northern Nevada with his father on farrier jobs.

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Jeff Carson

Jeff, distant cousin of Kit Carson, lives high in the Wasatch Mountains. Those long nights alone with his mules has led Jeff to spoutin’ poetry and prose like a hot tin coffee pot on a blazin’ campfire. Jeff was born and raised in Utah and has lived in Heber City for the past 20 years with wife, 4 daughters, and several mules.

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Chris Isaacs

Chris Isaacs is a poet, humorist and storyteller who has lived the life that he tells about. His poems and stories are alive with the heart and humor of life from a cowboy’s point of view. He can usually find the funny side of any situation, and is considered by many to be one of the finest humorists in the industry. Chris has been published in numerous magazines and has three books of his work published.

Sam DeLeeuw

Drawing on her life being raised in rural areas of Idaho and then in Utah, Sam DeLeeuw is a four time Female Poet of the Year named by the Western Music Association. She writes of her experiences, the people she has met and the places she has been, and her vivid sense of humor also garnered her the Academy of Western Artist’s Humorist of the Year Award.

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R.P. Smith

R.P.’s material is inspired by his family and what’s going on at the ranch, giving his work an authenticity and down-to-earth quality that strikes a familiar chord with his audiences, regardless of their occupation. He has found that humor and a firm faith that God is in control are mighty important tools to have when life takes an unexpected turn.

Jake Riley

Jake grew up (for the most part) in the Upper-Arkansas Valley of the Colorado Rockies. Much of his work is inspired by rural life, and his ranching and rodeo experiences, but he occasionally ventures out into the realms of philosophy and theology. He loves the process of putting a story together within rhythm and rhyme, as well as performing his work live for an audience. He considers himself incredibly blessed to be able to do what he loves.

Paul Bliss

He’s been seasoned with arena dirt, salted with horse sweat, and sweetened by branding fire smoke. He’s been wind-whipped, saturated with rain, covered with snow, and coated with dust. Paul Bliss has been recognized with honors ranging from the Academy of Western Artists Cowboy Poet of the Year, to the Cowboy Poets of Utah Pioneer Award, to a few National Cowboy Poetry Rodeo Championships.