General Admission - Heber Valley Cowboy Poetry

General Admission

Price: $10 (General Admission fee waived with any same-day concert ticket!)

Friday, October 27

Chuckwagon Stage

11:00am San Joaquin Junction
11:30am Carin Mari
12:00pm John Wayne Schulz Band
12:30pm Chris Peterson
1:00pm Many Strings
1:30pm Sourdough Slim
2:00pm Break
2:30pm Molly in the Mineshaft
3:00pm Eli Barsi
3:30pm Dave & Jenny Anderson
4:00pm Joshua Creek
4:30pm Chris Peterson
5:00pm In Cahoots
5:30pm Many Strings
6:00pm Call of the West, Jon Messenger
6:30pm Carin Mari
7:00pm Dave & Jenny Anderson
7:30pm Stage Closes

Cow Camp Stage

11:00am Many Strings
11:45am Paul Bliss
12:00pm Dave and Jenny Anderson
12:30pm Chris Isaacs
12:45pm Eli Barsi
1:15pm Jake Riley
1:30pm Call of the West, Jon Messenger
2:00pm Andy Nelson
2:15pm Chris Peterson
2:45pm San Joaquin Junction
3:15pm Jake Riley
3:30pm John Wayne Schulz
4:00pm Molly in the Mineshaft
4:30pm R.P. Smith
4:45pm Jon Messenger
5:15pm Chris Isaacs
5:30pm Sourdough Slim
6:00pm Paul Bliss
6:15pm Joshua Creek
6:45pm John Wayne Shulz
7:15pm Same Deleeuw
7:30pm In Cahoots
8:00pm Stage Closes

Saturday, October 28

Chuckwagon Stage

10:30am Sourdough Slim
11:00am San Joaquin Junction
11:30pm Dave and Jenny Anderson
12:00pm Eli Barsi
1:00pm Chris Mari
1:30pm John Mayne Schulz
2:00pm Molly in the Mineshaft
2:30pm In Cahoots
3:00pm Joshua Creek
3:30pm Many Strings
4:00pm Jon Messenger
4:30pm Break
5:00pm Carin Mari
5:30pm Sourdough Slim
6:00pm Joshua Creek
6:30pm Dave and Jenny Anderson
7:00pm Eli Barsi
7:30pm In Cahoots
8:00pm Chris Peterson
8:30pm Stage Closes

Cow Camp Stage

10:00am Many Strings
10:30am Call of the West, Jon Messenger
11:00pm R.P. Smith
11:15pm Molly in the Mineshaft
11:45pm Joshua Creek
12:15pm Sourdough Slim
1:00pm New! Cowboy Public Auction
2:15pm Break
2:30pm Jon Messenger
3:00pm Jake Riley
3:15pm Carin Mari
3:45pm Paul Bliss
4:00pm Dave and Jenny Anderson
4:30pm Chris Peterson
5:00pm Eli Barsi
5:30pm Sam Deleeuw
5:45pm Many Strings
6:15pm R.P. Smith
6:30pm San Joaquin Junction
7:00pm Jeff Carson
7:15pm Stage Closes

 Tombstone Stage (Open Mic)

Friday and Saturday — 10:00am–5:00pm
Enjoy — or participate in cowboy poetry and cowboy music on our OPEN MIC stage. This event is open to all with a general admission pin or concert ticket. Sign up with Lynnie 435-671-8478