2022 Featured Artist

David and Carol Kelly


David and Carol have been married 57 years and are long-time partners in life as well as art. David began his interest in photography as a high school photographer in 1960. After following David around and waiting patiently while he searched for that perfect photograph, Carol became interested in the art of photography, too.

David’s photography progressed from the chemical darkroom to the current digital darkroom which allows the photographic artist access to more creative tools than ever before. The making of a photographic image requires more than the click of a shutter. 

In the days of film photography, they spent many hours in the chemical darkroom to make the negative more than just a “picture”. The current digital darkroom allows far more control and artistic development for the original digital file to come to life as art. You will find in their galleries realistic presentations, simulated paintings, and outright digital abstracts. The subject matter could be anything from flowers and butterflies to longhorns and cowboys.


“The Chisolm Trail” by David and Carol Kelly

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