Poets - Heber Valley Cowboy Poetry


Waddie Mitchell

From his earliest days on the remote Nevada ranches where his father worked, Waddie was immersed in the cowboy way of entertaining, the art of spinnin’ tales in rhyme and meter that came to be called cowboy poetry, a Western tradition that is as rich as the lifestyle that gave birth to it. Within his stories, old in a voice that is timeless and familiar, 

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Randy Rieman

Randy Rieman has been reciting cowboy poetry for over 34 years. He is well known as a reciter of traditional verse from the American West as well as Classic Australian Bush Poetry from the land down under. Randy plays guitar and sings “when the spirit moves“ occasionally reciting some of his own poems and often interjecting stories from his 40 years of working with horses and cattle on ranches in Montana, Nevada, California, New Mexico, and Hawaii.

Andy Nelson

As a second-generation farrier, Andy Nelson has the experience and the talents and humor to bring authenticity and entertainment to an audience. Raised in Oakley, Idaho, Andy traveled the Great Basin of southern Idaho, northern Utah and northern Nevada with his father on farrier jobs.

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Jeff Carson

Jeff, distant cousin of Kit Carson, lives high in the Wasatch Mountains. Those long nights alone with his mules has led Jeff to spoutin’ poetry and prose like a hot tin coffee pot on a blazin’ campfire. Jeff was born and raised in Utah and has lived in Heber City for the past 20 years with wife, 4 daughters, and several mules.

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Doris Daley

A favorite on stages throughout the west, Doris Daley is a ranch raised, free range, puffed and powdered, spangled and wrangled wordsmith and western poet. Jack Hannah (Sons of the San Joaquin) says, “She’s the pre-eminent female poet in this genre…her verbal paintbrush is as captivating and as visual as the paintings of Russell and Remington.” Doris and her husband Doc Mehl live in Black Diamond, southwest of Calgary. She has never roped a bear.

JoLynne Kirkwood

A well-known storyteller and cowboy poet, Jo’s tales reflect the values and lifestyle of the rural West. Jo is a Lariat Laureate on cowboypoetry.com, and has been named Female poet of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists. Her poetry has received numerous other awards and has been published in magazines and anthologies. Her poems are sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, and sometimes prayerful.

Al Doc Mehl

With one foot in the past and one in the present, Doc weaves the history and the mystery of the West into his original “west-clectic” poetry and music. Doc Mehl’s poems and musical lyrics have been featured on the website cowboypoetry.com, and his poems have been published in Rattle magazine. His spoken-word album “The Great Divide” was named “Cowboy Poetry CD of the Year” by both the Western Music Association and the Academy of Western Artists.