General Admission - Heber Valley Cowboy Poetry

General Admission

Price: $12 (General Admission fee waived with any same-day concert ticket!)

Friday, October 26

Chuckwagon Stage

11:00am Stacy Despain (musician)
11:30am Gary McMahan (musician)
12:00pm Ryan Fritz (musician)
12:30pm Many Strings (musician)
1:00pm Randy Huston (musician)
1:30pm In Cahoots (musician)
2:00pm High Country Cowboys (musician)
2:30pm Ryan Fritz (musician)
3:00pm Kenny Hall (musician)
3:30pm Dyer Highway (musician)
4:00pm Break
4:30pm Stacy Despain (musician)
5:00pm In Cahoots (musician)
5:30pm Kristin Lloyd (musician)
6:00pm High Country Cowboys (musician)
6:30pm Nancy Elliott, Stewart Macdougall (musician)
7:00pm Ed Peekeekoot (musician)
7:30pm Many Strings (musician)
8:00pm Stage Closes

Cow Camp Stage

10:45am Kristen Lloyd (musician)
11:00am Kenny Hall (musician)
11:45am Jolynne Kirkwood (poet)
12:00pm Ed Peekeekoot (musician)
12:30pm Randy Rieman (poet)
12:45pm Nancy Elliott (musician)
1:15pm Doris Daley (poet)
1:30pm Stewart MacDougall (musician)
2:00pm Jeff Carson (poet)
2:15pm Randy Huston (musician)
2:45pm Stacy Despain (musician)
3:15pm Break
3:30pm Trinity Seely (musician)
4:00pm High Country Cowboys (musician)
4:30pm Doc Mehl (poet)
4:45pm Stewart MacDougall, Nancy Elliott (musician)
5:15pm Break
5:30pm Many Strings (musician)
6:00pm Jolynne Kirkwood (musician)
6:15pm Gary McMahan (musician)
6:45pm Ryan Fritz (musician)
7:15pm Doris Daley (poet)
7:30pm Kenny Hall (musician)
8:00pm Stage Closes

Saturday, October 27

Chuckwagon Stage

10:30am Ed Peekeekoot (musician)
11:00am High Country Cowboys (musician)
11:30pm Kenny Hall (musician)
12:00pm Stacy Despain (musician)
1:00pm Live Auction
3:00pm Dyer Highway (musician)
3:30pm In Cahoots (musician)
4:00pm Nancy Elliott, Stewart MacDougall (musician)
4:30pm Kristin Lloyd (musician)
5:00pm Many Strings (musician)
5:30pm Ed Peekeekoot (musician)
6:00pm High Country Cowboys (musician)
6:30pm Kenny Hall (musician)
7:00pm Ryan Fritz (musician)
7:30pm In Cahoots (musician)
8:00pm Stage Closes

Cow Camp Stage

10:00am Many Strings (musician)
10:30am Stacy Despain (musician)
11:00pm Jeff Carson (poet)
11:15pm Dyer Highway (musician)
11:45pm Ed Peekeekoot (musician)
12:15pm Nancy Elliott, Stewart MacDougall (musician)
12:45pm Ryan Fritz (musician)
1:15pm Gary McMahan (musician)
1:45pm Trinity Seely (musician)
2:15pm Doc Mehl (poet)
2:30pm Break
3:00pm Randy Huston (musician)
3:30pm Jolynne Kirkwood (poet)
3:45pm Stacy Despain (musician)
4:15pm Doris Daley (poet)
4:30pm Kenny Hall (musician)
5:00pm Ryan Fritz (musician)
5:30pm Doc Mehl (poet)
5:45pm Kristen Lloyd (musician)
6:15pm Jolynne Kirkwood (poet)
6:30pm Nancy Elliott, Stewart MacDougall, Randy Huston (musician)
7:00pm Many Strings (musician)
7:15pm Stage Closes


 Tombstone Stage (Open Mic)

Friday and Saturday — 10:00am–5:00pm
The Tombstone Stage is an OPEN MIC for all talented musicians and poets that would like to dazzle our audience.
Come cheer for or participate in cowboy poetry and cowboy music. This event FREE and open to all attendees with a general admission or concert ticket. See you there!
Sign up with Lynnie 435-671-8478